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About Us:

Kings & Queens Catering was founded by native Angelenos with a simple mission, infuse some creativity and home-cooked love into the vibrant Los Angeles food scene. We strive to bring pieces of home onto the plate and into your home because we see our goal as sharing some joy with all of Los Angeles. With over three decades of experience as line cooks, master chefs, and restauranteurs, we work to pool our creativity for your benefit! Let us wow your taste buds and impress you with our services.


Finger Foods:

We offer tastefully selected finger food courses for casual settings, corporate events, and special occasions. Each dish is prepared using only the finest ingredients, and are paired by our master chefs with over three decades of experience.

Buffet-Style Catering:

For the ultimate in luxury and convenience, we offer plated catering dishes that are individualized for each guest along with multiple course offerings to ensure that your guests remain dazzled from appetizer to dessert. As with all of our catering services, we offer waiter services that can be selected with each catering service. .

Plated Catering:

For larger gatherings, informal events, corporate meetings, and house parties, we offer buffet-style dishes that allow your guests to pair their dishes as they wish. We offer multiple course offerings, and can pair our buffet-style catering with finger foods to provide a unique tasting experience.

To-Go Offerings:

If you wish to enjoy our tasty creations from the convenience of your home, fret not! Kings & Queens also offers our plates and dishes to-go for families who are in a rush. As with all of our creations, we use only the best quality ingredients to ensure that our creations remain fresh, vibrant, and delectable.

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